In the case of multi-generational families, there’s a combination of styles within the housing. The oldest members of the menage will definitely feel best within the interior typical of residences from the interwar amount, with a lot of heavy, old piece of furniture, with paintings on the walls, legion exposed knick knacks.

Here are pictures in frames, here porcelain figurines, bottles, perhaps even artificial flowers. The younger generation of the family living in another a part of the lodging most likely dreams of completely totally different interior furnishings. In such an apartment, interior design is troublesome, however not not possible – accessories can facilitate here. So as for the lodging to be stocked with in a coherent style, it’s smart to seek out an intergenerational compromise. It may turn out that our folks, grandparents, can feel great in rooms where the walls are painted in robust colours, perhaps they will just like the leather-like corner or seat, or maybe the younger generation can wish to put a glass-crystal cabinet in their area. Very often, the correct mix of designs makes the flat look distinctive and fascinating.

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